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Gods & Angels of Mount Olympus had one goal; to rule over humans using their secret brew recipes. Though one of their Angels was stepping in the way! Brewing with non-traditional brewing techniques he was a liability for the Gods! The Gods had no choice but to exile him. The fallen Angel arrived furious onto earth with only one mission, to share his unique recipes with humans & rise once again!

The Angel's first beer is a crisp & delicate Kölsch hopped with Motueka hops that carry refreshing notes of tropical fruit & citrus. A fun beer to enjoy on warm summer days!

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Furious with the angel's plan, Gods decided to intervene in and prevent his next attempt to brew a new beer recipe by burning down to destroy his freshly grown grains. But little did they know this was a blessing in disguise for the angel who used all the roasted grains to produce an invulnerable to higher temperatures stout.
With this Irish Stout, fused with hints of coffee and chocolate, the angel rises from the ashes and names his recipe "Dorchae", which means Darkness in Old Irish.


In difficult times like these, what's better than supporting each other and joining our forces whenever possible?! On that note, we couldn't be prouder for our 1st collaboration with Urban Alley Brewery.

Our English style Oatmeal Stout with ABV 6% has just enough warmth to set the tone on those cool winter nights. The addition of chocolate rye malt creates a smooth espresso creaminess and richly roasted flavour with a touch of rye spiciness.

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