And this is how a dream comes true..

We are two mates, Yiannis the Brewer and Petros the Engineer, and it is our love for brewing good quality beer that brought us together! We have now decided to share this passion and what a better way to do this than to start brewing our unique recipes and share them with the world?!

We dream big, but every dream has to start from somewhere - so our first stop is Melbourne!

We found the "Fall & Rise Brewing" as the name to best represent our story, and this is where it all began... Inspired by mythology and comics, the story behind our brand name reads as follows:


Once upon a time, Gods and Angels of Mount Olympus had only one goal; to rule over humans using their secret brew recipes. Though one of their angels was stepping in the way! Brewing with non-traditional brewing techniques he was a liability for the Gods! The Gods had no choice but to exile him. The fallen angel arrived furious onto earth and started sharing his unique recipes with humans! His only goal was to RISE once again!

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